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Amir's Review: Forgotten by Sarah J. Pepper

Forgotten - Sarah J. Pepper

When the author offered her older works for review, I was immediately drawn toForgotten because the idea of a blind protagonist has always fascinated me. I was curious how an author would handle the subject of a disability that, in my opinion, is just so consuming.

Ms. Pepper warned me that she was slightly evil in writing the book and it would leave me with a lot of questions for a good part of it. I'm not sure if she warned me because of my not-so-happy review of the last book I've read that was confusing as hell but she really didn't have anything to worry about. Although I had a lot of questions, I really liked and empathized with the protagonist. Enough to keep me from getting too frustrated with all the mystery hanging about.



 "The trauma of my family's deaths forbids me to see anything. The doctors say it's some kind of coping mechanism."
When her family is murdered, leaving her orphaned and the sole survivor of a brutal massacre, Gwyneth loses her ability to see. She doesn't live in total darkness but rather in blurry shades of grey. That changes when she meets Jace who is blindingly white, instead of the dark grey shadows she's used to seeing.
I like Gwyneth. Despite her disability, she's independent and a bit stubborn. I like the fact that her being legally blind doesn't stop her from living her life; like hanging out with her best friend (along with her hateful boyfriend) and practicing self-defense in the local gym. She's also blessed with foster parents who love her and treat her like their own and because of that we were free to focus on her inner turmoil about her tragic past and Jace's sudden appearance in her life.

From the very beginning, we know that Jace isn't normal. He is able to talk in a strange foreign language and Gwyneth can't seem to stop having adverse reactions to him whenever he's near. He's also convinced that there's more to her than meets the eye. He's made it his life's mission to pursue her and make her remember a past life she supposedly had. Convinced that he is dangerous and possibly crazy, she tries to stay away from him but he perseveres. He even infiltrates her dreams, although her reactions to him there are far more honest and forthcoming.

Jace is definitely mysterious and full of secrets but it is clear that he has eyes only for Winnie and he's very vocal about his intentions towards her. Perhaps my one frustration with Winnie's character is that she's a little bit too stubborn sometimes. I mean, the guy obviously cares for her and again, he has secrets but jeez... give the guy a break. They do this whole love/hate relationship thing but their chemistry is strong and some scenes are definitely swoon-worthy.

There are a few mysteries afloat and I really enjoyed uncovering them. I'm not going to lie, it is one of those books that's very vague at the beginning with its timeline and storytelling, but I think the characters we meet and the history that we unravel is interesting enough to enjoy the book despite its vagueness.

Combining classic mythology, intrigue, and murder with a paranormal twist, Forgotten is a great start for a trilogy. Alas, it does end with a cliffhanger but I enjoyed it enough to continue on with the series. I would definitely recommend it to YA paranormal fans looking for something different from the usual angel/vampire/werewolf romp.
A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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