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Dia's Review: Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Revolution is the eighth and last book in Kristen Ashley's popular Rock Chick series. The first Rock Chick novel, which starred Ally's best friend Indy, was what got me into Kristen Ashley in the first place. I foundher books fun, and I liked the sassy heroines and strong female friendships in them. Pretty good light reading.

And man, can she churn out those books. I don't know how many of them she has by now, but it seems like she has a new one out every month, what will all the different series and standalones she writes. I eventually got tired of reading pretty much the same plot over and over again in her stories (alpha males who all talk the exact same way meet crazy beautiful women and claim them as their partner within a week), so I stopped reading. But since theRock Chick series was my favorite among all her work and this was the last one, I made an exception. I'm happy to report that it was worth it.
This is Ally Nightingale's story. The Rock Chicks have all pretty much found their men, and Ally is feeling a bit antsy about getting her turn when she ends up on an accidental date with Ren. Sparks fly, they keep ending up in bed together over the course of a year, Ally decides to become a private investigator like her brothers (which I found really cool), people get shot and kidnapped, and they all live happily ever after. 

Pretty standard Rock Chick stuff, right? But for some reason (which may or may not be related to my being more emotional at this time of the month), I found myself tearing up all throughout the novel. I think Ms. Ashley loves her Rock Chick characters too, and couldn't bear to end the series without taking each one of them out for some final scenes in this final book. There were so many of them that I couldn't remember who each one was exactly, but what kept me so engaged was the strong friendship and sense of family shared by the Rock Chicks, the Hot Bunch, and their colorful supporting cast. They fight, and they get mad at each other, and sometimes they don't understand each other, but they're also supportive and kind to one another, and they've got each other's backs. There's so many instances of this in the book -- Daisy setting up new clients for Ally the morning after Ally breaks up with Ren, Ally poking her nose into Darius' business even if it means losing him because she sees that he's so unhappy, the group letting Jane have her own happy ending... I can go on and on. And they do all this in an easy, humorous, natural way that I find extremely touching.

I'm very sad that this series is ending, after four years and eight books. I hope Ms. Ashley's next series provide the exact same feels that Rock Chick did, and more. 

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