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Dia & Buona's Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

Dia's Review:


I love this book cover, and I really enjoyed this book. Although the rich guy/poor girl storyline is pretty common,The Distance Between Us inserts many fresh elements that make this story seem new again.

First off, the snarky heroine, Caymen. Love her. She's smart and a good kid, helping out at her mom's doll shop every day. She also has the best deadpan lines. Here she is talking to Xander about her father, whom she's never met:


"He lives in New York. He's some fancy lawyer there."
"You've looked him up?"
"I had to. I might need a kidney one day."

Next up, Xander, the rich love interest. He's sweet and hot. He flies Caymen to UNLV so she can meet a research assistant at the science lab and find out if she wants to be a scientist when she grows up. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard? He's intrigued by her and keeps pursuing her until he wears her down, but not in an overly aggressive or arrogant way. 

Together, Caymen and Xander are so cute that I want to pinch their cheeks. I like that they start off as friends, getting to know each other and spending time doing different things, before ending up together. I also like that Xander's family isn't the usual evil rich family that looks down on people who aren't from their own class. 

If there's any character I don't like, it would be Caymen's mother, whom I felt was too comfortable letting her teenage daughter carry such a huge burden of responsibility when she got to have her little kiddie parties where they were hardly earning anything. I think it's the business student in me; fiscally irresponsible characters (don't get me started on the Shopaholic series) generally piss me off. 

Overall, The Distance Between Us is a great, light-hearted contemporary romance, a genre I'm very fond off because it allows me to de-stress from my studies. If you're going off for a day at the beach, you may want to bring it along.

Buona's Review:


I realize that Dia has already written a review and we don't even have vastly conflicting opinions, but I just finished this thirty minutes ago and I wanted to rave a little and release this giddy schoolgirl feeling somewhat. I risked car sickness and read this in the car -- I was that hooked!

Same old story and yet, every feeling, every sarcastic remark hits the spot. I love how Kasie West takes her time in building Xander and Caymen's attraction to one another: the walks to school with the pre-sipped hot chocolate, the career days where they help each other find their paths.

I want to be Caymen. Okay, maybe not the part about being poor, but the part where she's kind-hearted and funny. And obviously, I want to be with the dashing, confident, arrogant, flirty, and pressured Xander Spence. When he's jealous and doesn't want to show it... It kills me.


He looks down at the new space I created between us then shakes his head and says in a hard voice,"He's met your mom?" 

What wouldn't I do to earn one of his rare smiles. *Swoon*

Sometimes I read books without reading all the details, skimming through paragraphs that don't interest me. This happens even when I'm reading good books, if I'm overly excited to read the conclusion. That's not the case with this one because I didn't want to miss out on gems such as this:


Mom: I don't know what I'd do without you. 
Caymen: I think you'd own lots of cats.

The reason that this is a 4 instead of a 5 is that I have a small issue with how almost every conflict is tied up too neatly. 


[Her fairy-like grandparents making the big bad collector go *poof* and instant acceptance by Xander's family because of her background. It would have been nice if they had been really nice even if she were poor.]

I still love it though, and am recommending it to anyone looking for some good vibes :)

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