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Buona's Review: Crash by Nicole Williams

Crash  - Nicole  Williams

Sometimes, a story excites me enough that I'm tempted to recommend it to other people even though I haven't finished. This book is a reminder of why I should never ever do that. The first twenty or so pages were pleasant enough. Lucy is reading on a beach, trying to get Jude to notice her by making eye contact, and resorts to topless sunbathing when he won't. A heroine who knows what she wants... I could get with that. Jude dissuades her by being upfront that he's not looking for a girlfriend so she brushes him off. She intrigues him because of her sorry excuse for a dog that she had adopted earlier that day, and he gifts her with a dog house. It was fine, it was cute, it was all perfectly normal.

This is not a spoiler, it's a WARNING:

And then I think Nicole Williams took some uppers. This is so so so bad that I'm almost in tears. Jude's enemies from the boys' home see Lucy hanging out with him, and they try to kill her by making her a human torch (as in dousing her in gasoline and setting her on fire). Jude gets carted off to prison, where he has apparently been a few times before because he used to sell drugs. They don't see each other again until she starts high school after a couple of months. He likes her. People think she's a slut at first but she suddenly becomes homecoming queen. He was going nowhere fast at first but he suddenly becomes a football star who can go to any college of his choice on a scholarship or sign with the NFL. But he steals a car to take Lucy to homecoming and she thinks he's cheating on her so she breaks it off and starts seeing someone who eventually tries to rape her. This guy, Sawyer Diamond (I love the Beatles, but this is just way too cheesy), also happens to be the baby daddy of Holly, the girl that Lucy is jealous of, because he also raped Holly previously. So Jude and Lucy get back together but apparently, that's still not enough and we get one last surprise where Jude's dad shot Lucy's brother five years ago and that's the reason that her brother's dead and Jude's dad is in prison. *That's the sound of me tearing my hair out.* This is like a really really really bad dream.

I get why this reminds some people of Beautiful Disaster... But this is really just a Plain Disaster. I also have an issue with the fact that she's a Juilliard-bound ballet dancer who hardly ever dances. She does, just once, but just as a prelude to a make-out session on the dance floor. What a waste of a pretty book cover.

What could possibly happen in Books 2 and 3? Maybe they'll win the lottery, then find out that they're actually brother and sister and just when they find out that they're not, maybe Lucy will get into an accident and stay in a coma and Jude will try to hang himself then Lucy will wake up, but she has amnesia, but in the end love will conquer all and they'll get married and have babies that will have stories as ludicrous as theirs. Because, you know, nothing's impossible. 

Source: http://www.not-so-literary-heiresses.com/2013/09/review-crash-by-nicole-williams.html