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Buona's Review: Tangled by Emma Chase

Tangled - Emma Chase

This book is so much fun (though Dia would beg to disagree). It was recommended by Amir after I lamented that I was in no mood to read a so-so title, so I had pretty high expectations. After reading the first few pages, I texted her that I had a feeling I was going to enjoy myself.

Written in the first person POV of Drew Evans, the handsome, egotistic playboy investment banker at Evans, Reinhart and Fisher, and addressed to "you," his audience, reading gives you a feeling that you're hanging out with your asshole guy friends, drinking beer. He offers no apologies for the way he is. Maybe his mom and sister doted on him too much, maybe he was just so used to having it all. And this leads to your typical Judith McNaught hero who has a different girl in his bed each time -- Oh wait, he's worse because he never even brings women to his bedroom nor does he even bother to learn their name.

And this is why opening the story with him in his sorry, lovelorn, unbathed state is so satisfying. Something to wish on every smug Lothario: heartbreak.

The chemistry between Drew and Kate is believable. Already initially attracted to one another, their attraction builds as they recognize the competence of the other person's work, and becomes stronger as it is continually denied because they are in competition. Then there's the fact that Kate has a fiancé. And so the tension builds until that first satisfying kiss.

What I love most is the humor with which the author peppers the story with.


Old women have a thing for me.  And I don't mean a pinch-my-cheek, pat-me-on-the-head king of thing.  I mean a grab-my-ass, rub-my-junk, why-don't-you-push-my-wheelchair-into-the-broom-closet-so-we-can-get-nasty kind of thing. It's fucking disturbing. 


Tangled is a romance novel, not War and Peace, so I'll stop here and refrain from over-analyzing.  I'll recommend this book for some light reading on the beach and for someone who's just looking for some fun.