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Buona's Review: Losing it & Faking It by Cora Carmack

Losing It  - Cora Carmack Faking It - Cora Carmack

I just can't seem to catch a break. More 1-star book reviews because I haven't read anything good lately. Sigh. If I don't read something spectacular or at least acceptable anytime soon, I'm going to take a break from reading. I'm not used to being on track versus my Goodreads challenge anyway!


Losing It

Bliss has been convinced by her best girl friend to lose her virginity because it's apparently embarrassing to hold on to it for so long. So she meets British guy Garrick at a bar and they almost do it in his apartment, but she panics and pretends that she has to run because she has a cat to feed. Then she goes to school, and surprise, he's her teacher! I watch Pretty Little Liars (There's no law that says a thirty-year-old can't watch PLL, is there?), and being a fan of the Ezra-Aria tandem, this sounded good to me.

I didn't like that he kissed her a few days after finding out that he was her teacher (that's just gross) then pursues her, which showed me that he was lacking in the ethics department.

My issue really is that we don't get to know the characters. There are no conversations that make us understand why or how they fell in love. There's just a whole lot of making out and people getting drunk. To make a long story short, I hated it.

Faking It

So if I hated Losing It that much, what possessed me to read the sequel? I was swayed by several reviews that said they like this better than Losing It, and I figured that the writing wasn't godawful or anything.

...How does that saying go? Fool me once, shame on you and fool me twice, shame on me. I'm so ashamed :(

Bliss's best friend Cade, who was conveniently in love with her in Losing It, gets his own story. He's hanging out at a coffee shop when Max convinces him to pretend that he's her boyfriend for her parents' sake. Being an actor and an all-around-nice-guy, he goes with it. But instead of being grateful, she acts like a world-class bitch and seethes the whole time that he charms her parents' pants off. And rewards him with a slap right after her parents left. What?! And then she accuses him of being gay the night after, so he kisses her to prove her wrong, she kisses him back andthen she slaps him again.

The story goes on in this fashion and I'm just so sick of angry girls who think that the world revolves around them. There's plenty of those in real life, thank you. No need to put them in books to vex me.

So there. I'm avoiding Cora Carmack for a bit unless someone I wholeheartedly trust recommends her to me.

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